This is an Association-leading volunteer position, ideal for those interested in determining and advancing strategic directions, governing over long-term goals, representing the association to other members, and setting the tone for member experiences.

Regional directors serve as the chief administrator of their region, representing regional activities to other ACUI leaders and members. Through this role, volunteers have the opportunity to make a positive impact on campus community through engaging regional programs and to obtain career development as a visible leader in the profession.
Serving on the ACUI Leadership Team, overseeing a Regional Leadership Team, and being supported by the Director of Volunteer & Member Engagement staff liaison, for a two-year elected term, regional directors are responsible for:
  • Appointing, transitioning, and supervising all members of the Regional Leadership Team, task force members, program and project management teams, with the advice of the Regional Leadership Team. When specific positions are vacant the regional director will serve as the communications link with the Central Office for these responsibilities.
  • Attending all annual conferences, pre- and post-conference meetings for the regional directors, all regional conferences, and any special events and/or meetings as necessary.
  • Attending and participate in leadership training hosted by the Central Office.
  • Leading the Regional Leadership Team through an annual goals process.
  • Preparing and filing all reports required of the position including annual budget reports, monthly regional updates, and an end of term report for the incoming regional director.
  • Guiding the planning of all regional activities keeping in mind the educational and strategic goals of the Association.
  • Supervising the work of all members of the Regional Leadership Team to ensure their work is being completed to meet regional goals and ACUI standards.
  • Serve as a member of the ACUI Leadership Team, including participating in the regular meetings, projects, and other assignments.
  • Work with other regional directors in determining Regional Leadership Team positions, adjusting regional procedures and expectations, and making related policy recommendations.
All Regional Leadership Team members are also responsible for:
  • Participating in the scheduled face-to-face Regional Leadership Team meetings during the year. One meeting should take place at the regional conference and the other at the time decided by the team.
  • Participating in monthly Regional Leadership Team conference calls throughout the year.
  • Acting as a resource person for the region and campus organizations.
  • Inspiring student involvement in regional and ACUI events and opportunities.
  • Developing proposal for an educational session at the regional conference.


At the time of application, individuals must have: full-time employment at a higher education institution; institutional membership; a signed institutional support form; and a commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term. Applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of ACUI’s vision, core values, and core competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. 

Time Commitment

Association-leading volunteer positions require a commitment of two or more years, except for student positions which have a one-year term. During the course of the term, volunteers should anticipate at least four hours of conference call and project work per month, in addition to attending in-person ACUI Leadership Team meetings.

Application Process

Applications for open positions will be collected again in April 2019. Candidates for regional director are elected by eligible voting members of the region, following the ACUI Election General Policies and Procedures.

2018 Regional Director Election Timeline

The 2018 Regional Director Elections are occurring for odd-numbered regions until May 10. Eligible voting members received notices regarding voting in the elections via email, but full candidate profiles are available online.

Voting Center

  • April 13: Application packets due
  • April 16: Notify candidates of their election status
  • April 19: Three-day appeal period closes
  • April 23: Election opens, slate of candidates announced in respective regions
  • May 10, 11 p.m. Eastern: Election closes
  • May 16: Deadline to notify candidates of election results
  • May 18: Three-day appeal period closes
  • May 30: Deadline to announce election results to ACUI membership